When I came to India one year ago, my project was to discover innovative markets. Innovative both in the sense of “technological rupture”, and in the sense of changing life of people by social investment.

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Limits of microcredit - a paper by Jean-Michel Servet (French)

In its Oct-Nov issue, Politis had the excellent initiative of publishing a 2 pages
article by Jean-Michel Servet, Professor of Economics in Geneva, who headed
also for sometime the Economics Lab at the Pondicherry French Institute (IFP).
The main interest reg. the IFP team is that it takes a critical look at the
microcredit, from a social and anthropological methodology, in which
researchers are generally committed “on field” with the topic they study.

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RTBI, an incubator for rural initiatives in Chennai (French)

Sur la route qui relie Chennai à Pondicherry, dans la zone des « écoles », pas très loin de la Ana University, se situe l’un des meilleurs instituts techniques indiens, l’IIT Madras. Les IIT sont le fruit de la politique volontariste indienne, depuis l’indépendance, de se doter de cadres scientifiques et techniques. Un peu l’équivalent de nos grandes écoles françaises. Une longue histoire amène l'IIT de Madras à accueillirsur son campus l'un des rares incubateurs entièrement dédié aux innovateurs qui rapprochent le monde rural des technologies modernes et des marchés mondiaux.

This post is still in french. If you wish to contribute to it translation, you're most welcome and you could gain my eternal gratitude !

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Prakti, design for rural areas

 Indeed, Pondicherry is not a small village ; as a irrefutable proof, after 4 months living here spending quite a lot of energy to meet local entrepreneurs, I discovered this afternoon a real wonder located south of the city “ring road”, 55 François martin Street, at groundfloor.

Jean-Michel Argouin, a well experienced and so modest French consultant is working in India for about fifteen years in a number of different fields of expertise ; he told me that he will introduce me to active and unusual entrepreneurs. This first contact he gave me does confirm it. About twenty square meters lodge five or six household stove models, a Moroccan entrepreneur who designed products for Motorola, Intel or Boieng when working at Abaqus, a “French doctor” from Médecins sans Frontière in Kosovo and Ethiopia, a Korean consultant expert in associations, three cookers dedicated full time at beta-testing solar stoves… and a number of stories mixing social and economic topics.

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