Solar in Bangladesh

Down to Earth would be a perfect magazine, if they hadn't refuse an article from a good friend 3 years ago! Never mind, their articles are always very well documented, with clear and detailled figures to illustrate environmental issues. For its last issue in december, a zoom was made in "micro financed solar energy systems light up Bangladesh's rural areas".

I already introduced in this blog the activities of SELCO, a great example of how renewable energy can be supported by finance, in south India. Here,it is a microfinance well-known organization, Grameen, who has developped a branch for renewable energy, Grameen Shakti.


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Why Am I interested by energy savings in India?

It is all about energy conservation
Between 2003 and 2016, India’s energy demand is expected to climb by 60 percent because of rising incomes, accelerated industrialization, urbanization, and population growth.
Meeting this greater demand only by increasing supply will lead to adverse environmental, economic, and security impacts. To curb this demand, conservation is an essential part of Indian national energy strategy.
According to Indian Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), the potential for energy savings is enormous, estimated at 183.5 billionkWh per year, to be compared to an overall national electricity deficit of 73.1 billion kWh.
What are the easiest way to improve energy efficiency? “It takes perhaps three years to get a wind farm from planning to operation, a light bulb can be changed tomorrow”

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Socialter - The french connection!

In may 2010, our social business guest house (meaning the house we are living in, and where we are regularly welcoming friends, social entrepreneurs...), has welcome Alban and Olivier, 2 french social entrepreneurs which have founded! They are travelling all around the world, identifying best practices and needs of changemakers about social media. It now leads to an amazing blog, Something like, but with much more content, photos, writers...! Have a look quickly, and discover stories about Gram Vikas, entrepreneurship in India and in the world, an interview with Anil Gupta, introduction about a franco-indian partnership in Kolkata...!

Sunna Team

Here is the SUNNA team, with whom I'm now working quite full time for the promotion of energy efficient outdoor lighting. Replacing a bulb by an LED is maybe one of the easiest way to save energy and increase life quality through better city light! From right to left, Saketh, Thomas, Rajesh, Joan and myself! In Aurelec.

LED it be

This "thing" you can see above is not only a module made of LED which light streets and paths in France and in Europe. It is a top of its class device which may also penetrate indian market soon. It doesn't happen so often to find a french technology able to match a tremendous indian issue. Replacing a conventional bulb in a street light by a module like this one can play a real role to face energy savings issue in India! Indeed, it reduces power consumption by more than half during more than 15 years, without any replacement. A mix of economic and ecologic return!

This module is changing my professional life in India, as I am now fully dedicated to the promotion of this technology in India, with a team based in Auroville/Pondicherry. It will also change this blog. And I may publish more often than before information I read/discover about LED in India. And as this issue is much connected to solar, I may also have the pleasure