Clinton Global Initiative

 Bill, after having spent time as a president of the United States, is now involved in a Global Initiative. He launched a sort of Davos, but dedicated to new foms of partnerships between states, NGO and private players.

The first reason you should have a look on their website is that during the last conference, in september, my much beloved and respected CEO, Mouhsine Serrar, have been invited to introduce our improved cookstoves. You can even see Bill asking him to come for plenary session, on minute 41 on the video

But there are also interesting video about lot of subject like BOP, energy, infrastructure. Lot of great and well known people speaking and if one of you have time to hear and comment, everybody will be pleased!

I take this opportunity to put the photo of my beloved and respected CEO. This photo was in the homepage of my company, to introduce us and see how we are cool guys making all that we could to product design efficient cookstoves for households and restaurants. But our advisors advice me that this photo was not serious enough to seduce potential partners! Nevermind, I use my personal blog to introduce you mouhsine, in action in our laboratory!

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The Euro India Economic and Business Group has been kind enough to describe me as their main animator in Pondicherry!

Really nice, indeed, but mainly an opportunity to create a first web page in the EIEBG about Pondi. Yes, I think Pondi/Auroville has specific things to say about entrepreneurship. There are really few big companies here,but so many individuals looking for another way to work, innovate... Modern, isnt it?

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Cow-Ka Cola everywhere

This title is not from me! It is from Outlook. After 2 months out of India, I finally find again this wonderful news magazine! After a portrait of Amartya Sen, whose new book about justice will be soon launched, Debarshi Dasgupta tell us the story of these cow lovers in Kanpur (Andra Pradesh). It looks like all we are fighthing for: target the poorest, use natural ingredients, protect nature... but behind one can find racism and nationalism. A bit like in France, when I was working for local finance. You had the best, but also the worst, the ultra nationalists that was lending money only to local project. That what is exciting with social business in general, and maybe in business in general. You are always on the edge of your values. You think you are doing good, but in the global picture, are you so sure? Argumentative India, is the title of a previous book by Amartya Sen!

But back to this KGS, who is using all that it can from cow (dung, urine...) to create products and energy.

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Electricity in Rural India

Hello everyone!

I decided to help out Cyril describing you the fascinating market that is the BOP and share a bit of my experience too to give a more complete picture!          My name is Cecile and I work in the Solar Energy space in Delhi: my task was to start for an Indian Solar Energy start up the Rural branch. I decided to focus my effort on the BOP since I thought the need lies and started with a 5 months research on what is done and possible to do in the Indian Market at the moment.

This is what i want to focus on: the contradictions of the Indian BOP market for energy products (light wise) at the moment, between fascinating state of the art products and the huge lack of electricity in the country.


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What it is to be french in Pondi!!

I was about to publish my feedback after having lived for the first time in my life what it was to come from your native place to this strange foreign place where you belong to a bit, because your house, your children school... are there. It is not so bad to be french, and not so bad either to be french in India!

 Before going more in details, let me just suggest you to read the story of Akash Kapur, published in New York Times the 30th of july. He is speaking about how Pondicherry is, and how it was. Not exactly Pondicherry, but Kuilapalayam, a very close place where I often pass by. It also speaks about how it is to become rich, what you gain and what you loose. It is to read there and has been discovered by the comprehensive Beyond Profit newsletter (a service operated by this huge Intellecap consulting company, see


Well, back to Pondicherry and my feelings. Or, why you could think that being french is not only exotic but could also be an advantage in India! First, we are not so many! 0.0086% of indian population in total (or 8669 if you prefer!), out of them 3/4 are based in Pondicherry. Well, you have to include the vast franco-pondicherian population that plays Petanque and is studiying in French Lycee, but is from indian origine. And you should add all these french not registered, that spend one sabbatic year and sometimes stay longer.

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